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        Why Choose SHED Storage?

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        Los Angeles Self Storage

        Looking for storage in Los Angeles, CA? Here at SHED we provide a dependable and hassle-free storage experience. SHED provides superior value to its customers in Greater Los Angeles (GTLA) with its competitive pricing and all inclusive, full-service model. We pick up your items from your location, pack them up and take them to our storage facilities, and deliver them back to you upon request.

        With the sparsity of space in Greater Los Angeles (GTLA) and the chaotic traffic, our self-storage model defies the limitations of location and proximity. You do not need to worry about finding a storage facility near you, since we pick up the items from your location. If you need any item back, you can request any of them through the SHED app. The SHED app has all your items inventoried and catalogued for you to see everything you have in storage and make selections for return deliveries.

        Unlike traditional self-storage, SHED’s pricing is based on the cubic feet of your items, not the cubic feet of storage space. You only pay for the storage space your items will take up, making it the most cost-effective storage service available. If your item only requires 9 cubic feet of storage space, you will only pay for our storage rate x 9 cubic feet.

        Since our pricing model is per cubic foot, we need to calculate the storage volume your items will take. We send our team to your location to survey your items and estimate the storage space required to store your items. This estimate is free of charge.

        We also have you covered in case of potential losses or damages. Our storage plans include a $5,000 protection coverage once your items are stored in our facilities. Additionally, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you do not want to continue with Shed at any point during the first 90 days of your storage plan, we will return all the money you have paid for our service until the point of cancellation.

        How much is a storage unit in Los Angeles?

        Pricing for self-storage in Los Angeles, California
        Unit Size Average Price Lowest Price
        5 x 10 $155.40 $55.00
        10 x 10 $205.79 $99.00
        10 x 15 $301.95 $137.00
        10 x 20 $462.12 $235.00

        How much is a storage unit in California?

        Prices for different storage units range from: 5x5 ($15-$35) 5x10 ($29-$44)
        Please visit our page for prices of all storage units.

        How much is a storage unit per month?

        According to, a provider of consumer information, the average national storage unit costs are: $40-$50 per month for a 5-by-5-foot unit. $75-$140 per month for a 10-by-15-foot unit. $115-$150 per month for a climate-controlled 10-by-15-foot unit.

        How big is a 5x10 storage unit?

        A 5x10 storage unit is the size of a small walk-in closet.
        It fits furnishings of a mid-sized bedroom, including a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a TV and several small to medium-sized boxes.

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