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        #1 in Customer Satisfaction

        Why Choose SHED Storage?

        Self storage offers the most cost-effective option for people seeking affordable and secure storage without compromising their own personal space. Your home remains what it’s really meant to be – a living space and a sanctuary. And when it’s full-service storage, the process is further simplified: your belongings are picked up, packed, and hauled to the off-site storage facility. You are spared the hassle of hauling the items to the storage facility and going through your storage items when you eventually need them and hauling them back.

        With SHED, even though you have your stuff off-site, you can view all your items on the SHED app. And if you need anything back, it's on your doorstep in 2-5 hours. Sometimes, that's the duration required to search through and pull an item out of your in-house shed or storage room. Currently we are servicing the greater Los Angeles and Vancouver areas.

        On top of all that, you are getting the most value, by paying per cubic foot of items stored. If your item is 6 cubic feet, you will pay for 6 cubic feet of space – nothing more, nothing less, and nothing ballparked. You will not be obliged to pay for a storage room that is 25 square feet, only for you to use a fraction of it.

        shedTableLogo Traditional Self-Storage On-Demand Storage
        Dedicated Storage Unit* tablePurpleTick tableBlackTick -
        FREE In-Person Estimate tablePurpleTick - -
        FREE Packing Materials tablePurpleTick - tableBlackTick
        FREE Professional Packing tablePurpleTick - -
        FREE Pick-up Delivery tablePurpleTick - tableBlackTick
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        *Utilizes patent-pending shelving technology
        How SHED Works
        • Pack-Catalog

          We Pack
          & Catalog

          your stuff in our
          easy to use App so
          you always know
          what you have in

        • Move-Load

          We Move
          & Load

          your stuff from your home into your dedicated storage unit, then seal it until you need it back

        • Secure-Store

          We Secure
          & Store

          your storage unit in one of our secure warehouses that is monitored 24-hours a day 7-days a week

        • Deliver-Quickly

          We Deliver Quickly

          any requested item
          you need in as little
          as 2 hours & then we'll
          pick it back up for

        • Return-Unpack

          We Return
          & Unpack

          all of your stuff, unload it into your home, reassemble items & remove packing materials

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